You Must Print, Read and bring to your training classs the following 5 Files. There are also a Training Videos you MUST view prior to attending a training class. Failure to arrive at your training class without the following documents PRINTED & Completed, can result in instant termination. It is important to have an understanding of the basics prior to attending your training class. – Thank You

File #1 Click here for Arizona Employee Doc

File #2 Click here for Federal Employee Doc

File #3 Click here for Federal I-9 Form

File #4 Click here for The Dish Network Training Outline

File #5 Click here for Dish Network Door Knocking Background and tips training manual

Watch the following training videos. You will need speakers to hear the training.

Click here to watch the Dish Network Training Video – Must have speakers to hear the training

Other Training Videos:

Copy to address bar to watch “What to expect at the install”